Show off your products and services

With more than 10,000 visitors annually, the Lachute Fair is an excellent showcase for companies looking to gain more visibility and want to make themselves known in the region.

Its evolution follows the tastes of the population: craft competitions, western, shows, car demolition derbys and others were presented.

While maintaining the agricultural component and its animal competitions, management tries to maintain the balance between the recreational, agri-food and commercial components in order to ensure the sustainability of the exhibition.

We therefore offer you the opportunity to take advantage of our great range, in order to offer a visibility of choice to your company and your products with the rental of a commercial space (Kiosque)

To reserve space during the exhibition.

To book a space, email us ( or call us at 450-562-3741) for more information.

Prices for a commercial for 2023  space are:

  • 10 – 10: $300 + taxes
  • 20 – 20: $400 + taxes
  • 30 x 30: $500 + taxes
  • Hydro cost is not include

Note that the prices for renting a dining area are not the same and the spaces are limited. Please call us for prices and availability.